Motorsport Ignition upgrade for 135i/335i/535i

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The N54 platform has advanced very far in the last few years. With that has brought an increasing demand on the stock ignition system. High output N54's have to rely on reducing the gap significantly to prevent spark blow out. This in turn causes reduced drivability, poor fuel economy, and less power. This was simply unacceptable for us. 

  Our kit is completely plug and play and utilizes genuine Audi R8 coils, which are similar to the coils used in the BMW Motorsport program. These coils are "smart" coils, meaning they have a built in ignitor and current is no longer carried through the DME. This is important because at 15 amps the R8 coils draw more than double the current over the stock units. Most of us have heard of the Injector driver failures on msd80, by removing the heat caused by the ignition circuit it helps keep internal DME temperatures down, and reducing failures caused by temperature.
  The tune will need to be modified and will be a flash time option through MHD, anyone using other methods of BEF please email us for instructions.
   Modifying coils is not recommended or needed. Doing so may ruin your coils and void the warranty.